Donna Oxley

The it-will-happen Blog - by Donna Oxley

This is the blog for

I hope that you will find this blog interesting if your are:

  • A Business coach / life coach guiding clients on their journey to success
  • A Project Manager working with a team and interested in team building and strategic allignment
  • A Person who wants to use these tools and techniques for yourself to meet your own goals and objectives

In this blog I explore all the things you need to ensure 'it-will-happen':

  • Objective setting / Goal Setting
  • Motivation and visualisation
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Stakeholders : Considering the 'People Dimension'
  • Risk Management
  • Values : Matching your Goals, Strategies and Actions to your beliefs and the things you care about
  • Resources and sustainability

In particular I am focussed on the way that these and the other 12 elements of it-will-happen need to work together to bring about effective and sustainable change for individuals, organisations and teams.

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