Volcanic eruption

Massive volcanic eruption will occur in 2021

Volcanologists have long warned that we are unprepared for the next massive volcanic eruption. Remember the 2010 eruptions in Iceland that covered the globe in ashes?

The coming eruption will be orders of magnitude larger. And it will have devastating effects on global trade and financial systems.

We have a long list of candidate volcanoes that are capable of a so-called VEI-7 blast.

In the year 1257, an eruption of this scale occurred in Indonesia when the Samalas volcano exploded. The event released enough sulfur and toxic gases into the atmosphere to cool the whole planet for decades. We refer to this period as “the little ice-age”.

Now, this is definitely not what the world needs in these troubled times, but our algorithms and manual revisions are relentless: It will happen before New Year’s 2021/2022.

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