About Us

We predict the future

We are a team of six to ten professional forecasters who decided to showcase our skills online. Most of us work in academia.

For the time being, we wish to be anonymous.

We have developed a large set of tools that rely on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and a whole bunch of other proprietary code that we haven’t published yet, and probably never will.

Over the years, we have built and refined our methods to a level that makes ordinary polls and forecasts look stupid.

Together with our human brains, we are able to make the most amazing predictions in the most diverse fields such as politics, sports, and celebrity gossip.

Do we use our own predictions ourselves? Of course, we do. Why else work on them? If our computers say “short-buy Pfizer now”, we are definitely doing just that. We put our money where our mouths are.

Super Computer
Super Computer

Every publication of these pages is the result of vigorous data analysis in two steps. First, we let the machines have their go at it. Then we top it up with our human sanity. Our posts are short but don’t be fooled by their apparent simplicity. Behind every single post lies many hours of hard work, not to mention the billions and billions of calculations we force onto a supercomputer we have access to.

The human brain
The human brain

Were you surprised over Trump’s presidential victory or Brexit in 2016? Our set-up totally saw it coming. Since then, we have refined our methods even further, and we are now able and willing to share with you some of our results.

We think that some of them will interest you.

How good are we? It is a legit question. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Take a look at some of the stuff we predicted would happen, the date we published it on, and compare the results with what actually happened.

Convinced yet that we’re doing quite OK? Great! Have a look at some of our newer forecasts then.


This is not political or financial advice.