Questions and Answers

Are you the next Nostradamus?
Not at all. All our predictions are based on the best available science. Nostradamus used two cheap tricks to appear as if he could predict anything: First, he made an insane number of predictions, and if you do that, some of them will eventually turn out to be right. Second, he spoke in riddles, so that most of what he said and wrote could be interpreted as something that might be correct, in the eyes of the beholder…

Are you always right?
Nope. We are mostly right, though! And in the age of the internet, such things are easier than ever to fact-check. We are transparent with our method and both our hits and misses.

Why anonymous?
As several of our team members work with professional forecasting, in industry and academia, it is a tradeoff that we, for now, have decided to go with. The material on these pages is, from a cynical point of view, leftovers from our “real” work.

Can I ask you to predict something?
We love such proposals, so that’s a clear yes. Feel free to submit something of public, and preferably global, interest, and we will take a shot at it. If our results lean strongly in one direction, we will publish. Use the contact form for these questions.

Can I hire you to predict something?
It is not the intended purpose of this page, but we are open to hearing about your needs. Use the contact form.

Which prediction are you most proud of?
“Proud” isn’t the first word that springs to mind. It is always satisfying when really odd results pop out and turn out to hold up.

How can I support your work?
Thank you for asking. This is a non-profit endeavor, but truth be told, there are server costs, and also, renting slots from super-computer clusters, which we regularly have to, becomes quite pricey with time. These pages will always be free-for-all, but we would be extraordinarily happy for tokens of affections sent to Bitcoin address


Anyone who donates to this page is helping us covering the maintenance cost, and is of course free to display his or her name on a coming list of donors. You can be anonymous too if you want.

Finally, what is the best thing about the future?
That it is coming and that the future is, to some extent, not as mysterious as they say!